Sunday, 29 January 2012

Adventures with Tie-Dye!

Yesterday my man and I decided to finally put to the use this tie-dye kit that was kicking around my house for months. I originally bought it because I spilt butter chicken on my favourite white T :( Here are the patterns and effect we used! We're both verrrrrrrry happy with the results :)

ps. This Tie-Dye Kit is pretty close to the one I used, and this YouTube Video and its series was even more helpful :)


  1. I completely love this. I want to tie-dye curtains for our seventies Boler trailer so please tell me where you got the kit. And where there good directions?

    1. I got the kit from Michael's craft store! about $25. Something like this one:®-One-Step-Tie-Dye-Kit™-Neon/gc1738,default,pd.html?cgid=products-generalcrafts-apparelcrafting-tiedye&start=5

      And the YouTube video i enjoyed watching on how to do the spirally design was this: (Part 2 is a little more helpful)

      Tie-dye curtains would look AWESOME! :