Monday, 28 May 2012

Outfit: Classic American-Italian Eating

This is probably a super-unessicary post, and maybe not my best outfit of all time, but I really wanted to have someone document this top forever on the internet. It's the paperclip top. I wore it on my first day moving in to university and one of the 'Frosh Bosses' said (and I quote), "Omg, you're the girl with the paperclip shirt - Cara right?" Ya, that's me. Also, we went to East Side Mario's for dinner last night (delish Italian food) and I stole my mom's lollipop. She's on a kick about how sugar causes wrinkles. But I couldn't really hear her telling me the proven research because my face was so stuffed with gooey melty brownies. Whatever, #YOLO.

^ don't worry, I use that phrase ironically, not to be taken for realzies. Drake is a Canadian treasure, though. 

** Also, pardon the weird shade of my legs here. Photography does weird things. 

top: H&M, shorts: Forever21, ring: Harmony Crafts

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Outfit: A Day in the Heat!

Welcome. In case you forgot, I'm Cara. Breathe into your paper bag and remain calm, because it is me - with straight hair. I walked on the wild side today and put some effort into my appearance for a date night out! I do this so rarely because a) it takes too long, b) it damages my hair c) it rarely looks good and d) if it does look good, I step outside and all my hard work turns into Donna Summer circa 1970. No good. Today, though, I'm quite satisfied!I wore this outfit with new gladiators and enjoyed a chicken wrap and cheesecake for dessert. What? Blogs are supposed to be overly-detailed aren't they? Hope all your weekends were eventful and/or relaxing :)

top: Bluenotes, skirt: Keepers

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Victoria Day Weekend!

I'm back! I had a mini-blog vacation. Here in Canada, Victoria Day weekend is huge. And by huge, I mean everyone knows what you're in for - cottages, camping, drinking beer, makin s'mores, and other various outdoorsy Canadian activities. This year I had the awesome opportunity of going camping at a friend's cottage with my boyfriend and all his friends. It's really the first year I've celebrated, and I'm glad I did! However, I'm not very "one with nature," as I'm pretty convinced my body biologically rejects it. Anyway, we had a nice road trip, soaked in the sun, others down-hill biked at Blue Mountain (they're daredevils), and there was definitely tons of relaxation. I even look .001 of a shade darker than my usual casper-like appearence. Hooray! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, whether it was celebratory or just a regular few days. Enjoy these photos from my Nikon and my phone!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Outfit: Floral + Denim

Howdy folks. Welcome to a post about one of my favourite outfits. It's not really that great of an outfit, but I always remember it as the outfit I wore on my bf and I's second date. We went to Cornerstone Cafe for cinnamon buns & tea, and then saw "Horrible Bosses." Did you just get some crackers to go with that cheese?
On a more important note, both this top and vest were approximately $10 at the Garage Outlet. Me and my mom always hit up the outlets at the end of the summer for the best summer basics. They're on sale x5. It's definitely my favourite cost-efficient shopping tip! 

This is still one of my favourite combos that I choose to wear over and over - do you have any outfits like that? 

top and vest: Garage Clothing, leggings: unsure, sandals: Birkenstock

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I'm sort of excited to share these instas with you because most of them symbolize something actually exciting in life. You know, in comparison to the usual irrelevant things I post here.

I biked on my new bike, had coffee with my father/best friend (yes, he's both), doodled, met my boyfriend's entire family, played with some new makeup-ideas (bold brows are awesome!), had lunch with a long-lost bestie (note: amazing food), enjoyed summer drinks and tanning, and had a fantastic night on the town with some friends who are also home for the summer.  My spring is just getting started :) Have a happy Thursday!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wishlist: Nixon Love

I blame my boyfriend. Before him, I happily thrifted. I purchased something over $20 maybe once a year. I bought watches on eBay from $2.99-15.00. But now, with his expensive and classy taste, I've fallen for Nixon and everything they produce. And if you're a poor uni student, it makes it even harder.

Nixon is an awesome company that ranges from clothing, bags, jewellery, headphones, cases -everything. The #1 thing I love about them is that you can tell each piece is crafted with you in mind. Each watch is created for a specific purpose. Surfer? There's a watch for that. Snowboarder? A watch for that too. They're like that damn iPhone app store - something for everyone.

Here are some that I am currently wishing were on my wrist right now (in ascending order of awesomeness and price):

Click for the Nixon Website

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Outfit: Homemade Skirt

Guess where this skirt came from? Well the fruits of my own labour of course! Yes, I really made it. It was my summer project last year but I must tell you that I almost killed my family while making it. Whenever I start a new sewing project, I am giddy with the promise of a magnificent looking/fitting item. However, after about 4 hours and only having the pattern cut out, I tend to lose it. I mean LOSE IT. Crying to my mommy to take over for a few minutes usually does the trick. Whatever, it was a pain to make but now I have a lovely wrap skirt. Can't wait to wear it more this summer. The weather is starting to heat up here in Guelph and that means biking to get ice cream with my man as soon as possible! Also, hope everyone is having a wonderful mother's day :) I surprised mine with fancy lotion, and now she's ditched me and my brother for a motorcycle ride. Meh, it is her day.

top: Joe Fresh, skirt: handmade, necklace: gifted bangles from India

Friday, 11 May 2012

Wishlist: Those Hippie Shoes.

How many times have I heard someone refer to something I own as "That hippie ________" ? A lot. But Birkenstocks take the cake. They are the ultimate. Which is the reason I'm so in love with them. I've had my pair of Birkenstocks since I was 16, and they're still going strong at 4 years old. Now please don't judge me with what I'm about to say: you've heard of the shopping channel right? No one watches it much with the invention of online shopping, but I just put up with it for 2 hours because Birkenstock was showing their new line and I was fascinated. The over-enthusiastic elderly lady and the nice french man knew their stuff, and I was glued to the TV.

Birks are amazing for your feet. They don't take the place of custom orthotics like I have needed for years (blame pronating feet combined with scoliosis inherited by my mother), but they're pretty close. The cork insoles mould to your feet and they frequently remark about how you always know when you're wearing your Birks. It's true. If I accidentally put in my friend's identical size 39s, I immediately know it's not my foot imprint. So enough blabbering, I'm in love with my shoes. And I'm dying for more!

Here's some I'm absolutely swoooooning over:

The current pair I've happily stuck with for years!
Something good for your feet can be absolutely adorable!

This "Yara" is at the TOP of my wishlist. I'm drooling over them.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Outfit: More Flowers?

Greetings. I'm sorry, but I didn't wear this dress today. I cheated. I wore it last weekend. But forgot to show it off! I got it from the store I talk about all the time - Skirt - and it was super cheap because it's missing a button or 2. Now that I'm looking at the pictures, it looks a little scandalous. What with the tattoo peaking through the cut-out and all, but meh. I'm young, right? Another tidbit of info; the second I decided to go outside and take pictures, it began raining and thunder-storming. Canada, eh? 

dress: Skirt, shoes: Bluenotes