Thursday, 16 February 2012

Feb. 16

The Valentine's card  handmade for Justin (looks just like us, I swear) and my bestie's decorations for her man, which were too cute to resist posting.
My single red rose <3 and delicious drink from dinner!
Happy post-post-Valentines day! Hope everyone snagged some awesome 50% off chocolates. My v-day was lovely, as well as the day after. I couldn't rush through class fast enough to hop on my bus home and see my valentine, where he was waiting with a flower and chocolate :) I completely advocate celebrating everyday like it's Valentines Day, but...c'mon! It is Valentine's Day! It also just happened to be my first year celebrating it, and I couldn't have been happier. We spent the next day eating pancakes (procrastinating homework) lounging around (procrastinating homework) and laying in bed watching tv (still procrastinating homework). I only have one more class this afternoon and then I am officially on reading week - time to relax! Happy Thursday.

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