Thursday, 23 February 2012

Outfit Post: Lazy Library

Sweater: H&M, Shirt: thrifted, Pants: Forever21, Shoes: Payless
Spring is almost heeeeeeere! I think I jinxed myself by expecting more dreary winter for so long. Or Mother Nature just got sick of me complaining about the damn weather. I may have yelled to the sky a few times. That said, today was sunny and wonderful! Though, I will admit, I got a little over-enthusiastic and really should have considered throwing some mittens and a scarf into the mix. It isn't THAT warm yet. Today is not a very exciting post fashion-wise (I had a lazy day studying at the library) but I was so excited to share this sunshine day with you. Happy almost-Spring!


  1. ok the sweater is lovely and YOU look adorable. xoxo

    1. oh my gosh, thank you soo much :) as is your blog!

  2. Looking great there. If you look really hard, can you see some green things coming up in teh garden? ;)