Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

I know that everybody can't shut up about this amazing weather we're having..but it's true! 26 degrees in March? Insane! And guess who got her first sunburn of the season? Me! Well, a little pink, but I'm slightly less blindingly pale than I was last week. Pretty awesome! Anyway, these are some pictures from the heat-and-sunshine-peak of this week, for it is now windy, cold and rainy in little old Guelph. That's ok. March is the month of "the lion and the lamb" as my Nonna says - it's allowed to be a little crazy. This week I got my spring-colour nail polish on, my inexcusably 'bad for my feet' but adorable flats, rekindled my addiction with Starbucks iced coffees, and laid out on my campus' hill soaking up the sun. Exams can't come and go fast enough. 

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