Friday, 4 May 2012

More Travel Pics!

You're probably sick of them by now, but here are a few more. I can't help it, Montreal is just such a beautiful city! I couldn't help playing with my Analog program with them too, to make them look extra special. I want to paint you a picture: right now I'm sitting in my backyard. It's finally sunny and warm enough to strip down to short-shorts and get my tan on. I also had a lovely morning having a coffee date out with Daddy who was in town! Albeit, I had to wake up super early to see him, but it was worth it. Nothing makes my day start happier than an iced coffee. It's literally my favourite thing in the universe. Literally. *Sidenote* is it weird that when I'm nearing the end of my store-bought coffee drink I immediately dash to my kitchen and make a new batch? I feel as though a normal human being would consume one giant coffee and be satisfied. Nope, not me. Anyway, hope y'all are having a lovely Friday! Now, back to my sketching in the sunshine :)

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