Thursday, 3 May 2012

Travel Instas - Quebec!

I'm back! And I'm surprisingly happier about that than I thought I would be. But I'm very relieved to be back in my own province where I know the language and the street signs. Montreal was beautiful, decent weather, and amazing food (as you can see below). The one thing we didn't anticipate, however, was clouds of students rioting for their tuition fees on every corner. That isn't so bad, but when coupled with riot police, buses upon buses of security, and even a few RCMP, it's not the most "relaxing" atmosphere for a vacation. But we made it out alive, and all I can say is - an experience is an experience, you learn something from every one! We learned you can't predict what will happen no matter how hard you try to control the details. I think we'll wait a little bit before going back ;)
In the meantime, enjoy these cool instagram photos from the trip! :)


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