Sunday, 27 May 2012

Outfit: A Day in the Heat!

Welcome. In case you forgot, I'm Cara. Breathe into your paper bag and remain calm, because it is me - with straight hair. I walked on the wild side today and put some effort into my appearance for a date night out! I do this so rarely because a) it takes too long, b) it damages my hair c) it rarely looks good and d) if it does look good, I step outside and all my hard work turns into Donna Summer circa 1970. No good. Today, though, I'm quite satisfied!I wore this outfit with new gladiators and enjoyed a chicken wrap and cheesecake for dessert. What? Blogs are supposed to be overly-detailed aren't they? Hope all your weekends were eventful and/or relaxing :)

top: Bluenotes, skirt: Keepers

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