Friday, 11 May 2012

Wishlist: Those Hippie Shoes.

How many times have I heard someone refer to something I own as "That hippie ________" ? A lot. But Birkenstocks take the cake. They are the ultimate. Which is the reason I'm so in love with them. I've had my pair of Birkenstocks since I was 16, and they're still going strong at 4 years old. Now please don't judge me with what I'm about to say: you've heard of the shopping channel right? No one watches it much with the invention of online shopping, but I just put up with it for 2 hours because Birkenstock was showing their new line and I was fascinated. The over-enthusiastic elderly lady and the nice french man knew their stuff, and I was glued to the TV.

Birks are amazing for your feet. They don't take the place of custom orthotics like I have needed for years (blame pronating feet combined with scoliosis inherited by my mother), but they're pretty close. The cork insoles mould to your feet and they frequently remark about how you always know when you're wearing your Birks. It's true. If I accidentally put in my friend's identical size 39s, I immediately know it's not my foot imprint. So enough blabbering, I'm in love with my shoes. And I'm dying for more!

Here's some I'm absolutely swoooooning over:

The current pair I've happily stuck with for years!
Something good for your feet can be absolutely adorable!

This "Yara" is at the TOP of my wishlist. I'm drooling over them.


  1. It made me smile to think of you glued to the shopping channel! AND I want to get a pair of Birks now.


  2. I love the last pair - what beauties! <3

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