Monday, 14 May 2012

Wishlist: Nixon Love

I blame my boyfriend. Before him, I happily thrifted. I purchased something over $20 maybe once a year. I bought watches on eBay from $2.99-15.00. But now, with his expensive and classy taste, I've fallen for Nixon and everything they produce. And if you're a poor uni student, it makes it even harder.

Nixon is an awesome company that ranges from clothing, bags, jewellery, headphones, cases -everything. The #1 thing I love about them is that you can tell each piece is crafted with you in mind. Each watch is created for a specific purpose. Surfer? There's a watch for that. Snowboarder? A watch for that too. They're like that damn iPhone app store - something for everyone.

Here are some that I am currently wishing were on my wrist right now (in ascending order of awesomeness and price):

Click for the Nixon Website


  1. amazing blog!!love your outfits!
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  2. Rad!! Love your post! -Beth @ Nixon

  3. The last one is amazing!
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