Monday, 28 May 2012

Outfit: Classic American-Italian Eating

This is probably a super-unessicary post, and maybe not my best outfit of all time, but I really wanted to have someone document this top forever on the internet. It's the paperclip top. I wore it on my first day moving in to university and one of the 'Frosh Bosses' said (and I quote), "Omg, you're the girl with the paperclip shirt - Cara right?" Ya, that's me. Also, we went to East Side Mario's for dinner last night (delish Italian food) and I stole my mom's lollipop. She's on a kick about how sugar causes wrinkles. But I couldn't really hear her telling me the proven research because my face was so stuffed with gooey melty brownies. Whatever, #YOLO.

^ don't worry, I use that phrase ironically, not to be taken for realzies. Drake is a Canadian treasure, though. 

** Also, pardon the weird shade of my legs here. Photography does weird things. 

top: H&M, shorts: Forever21, ring: Harmony Crafts

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