Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cara Lately.

Hey everyone! Here's a check up on my life as of late:
Lots of working at the health food store, and not a lot of sleeping. Well I guess that sums it up! Kidding. I've been sorting through some projects and creative ideas, trying to a) choose which one would be successful b) find one I would love to do and c) discover what am I remotely good at. I've been dying for a creative outlet of some sort and hopefully the things I have in mind can help with that. I've also been accepted into the university I wanted to transfer into - now I just need to pick courses, yikes! University to me is kind of like getting a haircut. I was ok with my last program, but wanted to opt out for something different. Like, say, going from long locks to a shoulder-length do. Now that I'm halfway-through my decision, I'm wondering whether I should have stuck with the old one. Oh well, life's about getting messy and making mistakes. Hope I just don't make too many before I discover what the right path is!

Oh, and enjoy these selfies of my good hair day (it's a theme today):

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