Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Goodies!

What is a sure-fire way to cure a lazy and rainy Sunday? A trip to the mall with your Mama, of course! I was having one of those days where I literally came to the mall for one thing - plain, black pants. That's it. I ended up finding fantastic things for great prices, which almost never happens. I usually have either no moolah to spend whatsoever, or plan a shopping day and find absolutely nothing I like. The problem with my local mall, I find, is that while it has a generally great selection of stores, everyone owns the same things. I fell instantly/deeply in lust with a peach sundress today. But it was only $20 and on display at the front of the store, meaning that on any given day 200 other girls would have seen/bought/be wearing that dress too. One of my big pet peeves about fashion; it should be unique, individual, exciting. Walking down the street and having everyone know where you got your top from, because they all have the same one = a major buzzkill. 

Today I acquired the plain black pants I was looking for, a plain black v-neck (which I feel I will use a lot of) a red lace t-shirt, and this gorgeous khaki dress. My favourite is the dress - I can't wait to snazz it up with a cardigan and navy tights this fall!

v-neck: Aeropostale, skinny jeans: Garage, lace top: Garage, khaki dress: Smart Set

Happy shopping friends <3

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