Thursday, 14 June 2012

Back Again!

What craziness I've been experiencing in the last week! I feel like a terrible blogger. Enough time to peer into others' lives, but not enough to share my own. Just trying to bring home the bacon; the shrivelled, tiny, over-salted bacon that is the equivalent of my paycheck. Howeever, the upside to working so many hours is I conk out every night and am too tired to wake up til my alarm clock rings. Silver lining, right?

So this happened:

Acceptance letter!!! Finally! Yes, this is super late in the game to be accepted into university I guess they figure I have all the time in the world since I already am one. As if all I do is work with hippie health food, and troll the internet. Oh...

What else... I can see a lot of you are reading and I'm loving it <3 It would mean the world to me to follow on GoogleConnect or Bloglovin as well! That way I can keep you posted with upcoming exciting projects and special secrets :) Ya, it's like a friendship-club here. Secret password is: "donuts." Secret handshake is a high-five.

At the moment I'm just sneezing up a storm after cutting some thrifted on my bed. I know I'm allergic to thrift stores (YOU DON'T CHOOSE WHAT YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH) but maybe rubbing the dust into my sheets was not my best idea.

I'll promise I'll update soon my little cupcakes!


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