Friday, 1 June 2012

In my own little world.

Woooah! It is NOT Friday. I can't believe it. A whole work week has gone by since I last posted, and that post wasn't even really that great. I have to try to keep up with a regular schedule! I've been really lacking in inspiration lately - it could be just a dry spell or it could be because I'm just tired. Who knows. Any good tips for getting back into the groove of things? 

Today Mother Nature decided to take a break from her usually sunny and cool days into a cold and rainy mess. Not complaining however, since our grass needs to grow and get green green green! Wasn't too happy with it early this morning on my walk to work, but at least I'm cosy inside now. Going out for coffee with my papa soon at a great new cafe downtown where everything is local. Want to know how to spell hippie? C-A-R-A. Or in this case, I guess B-R-U-C-E too. Have a super-duper Friday :)

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