Sunday, 3 June 2012

May Instagram!

Welcome to my last week of instas! The weather was so boootiful but then turned kinda sour. Before it did, I enjoyed these amazing smoothie popsicles from President's Choice. Nom nom nom! I went out on date night to see Men in Black 3 and I LOVED it. I think there was even more work put into this one than any other instalment, therefore may be even better than the original. Just saying! We went out for dinner for my mommy's b-day, she doesn't look a day over 40 ;) I got my latest shellac - a pretty pink. I went out for coffee a lot with my dad (because my boyfriend doesn't drink coffee, my dad is frequently my date).  I drew a picture of how being at work makes me feel (like a zombie, in case you were wondering). I went out for sushi with my wonderful friend Melissa and it was delicious as it always is. Hope your weekends were lovely my friends!

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