Saturday, 30 June 2012

Family Time.

Some of my favourite days just involve hanging around my father's house. When he moved to a completely different city from just down the road, we promised that our time together would be about quality instead of quantity. This seemed like a terrible challenge at the time, as I was so used to spending every other weekend with him, and every Thursday in between. If you're a child of divorce, this probably sounds familiar. I was heartbroken and worried about the strain it would put on our relationship. As it turns out, it was one of the best things for us. We've grown so much closer as a family now that we're limited to certain block of time when everyone is available. During this time we aren't sleeping, out hanging with our friends, or playing on the computer like we used to do when we lived with him. We usually have delicious dinner, watch a movie in the home theatre, and go for walks, nothing crazy. Oh, and drink lots of homemade wine (pictured below is Summer Peach, the perfect cocktail of sugar and alcohol). As a side-note, I also get to hang out with my little step-sister, who in a matter of 26 days will be officially be a teenager. I can't believe it. What is truly unreal, is how much she looks just like me in the bottom photo. I guess if you spend enough time together/know each other for long enough, you begin to look alike even without blood relation! Happy Saturday <3

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