Thursday, 19 April 2012

I dreamt I was covered in roses.

It's true. I had a dream that my sister tattooed a big red rose on my outer thigh. I woke up thinking it was kind of a cool idea, though I have no clue where my sub-concious got that from. Brains are weird things! Anyway, I've been trying to decide on a new tattoo for quite a while now - much to the dismay of my mother who pretty much cried at my 1st and 2nd, which are both pretty well-sized and appropriate. I've been drawing and re-drawing a teacup of my grandmothers for some time and now I'm trying to incorporate a rose into it much like the 3rd photo below. I'm writing this post of images I stole from Tumblr simply because I had a genius moment yesterday, and left my camera at my boyfriend's. So enjoy this useless but maybe inspiring peak into my brain :)

Image Sources 12, and 3. (4 is my own!)

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