Wednesday, 11 April 2012

La belle ville!

Bonjour mes amies. Je suis tres excite pour travaille au Montreal ce moi-ci! I'm starting to get excited travel jitters for my and Justin's trip to Quebec at the end of the month. I have not been brushing up on my french like I should be. In fact, I'm sure there's about 10 things wrong with the sentence above. Sadly, I've taken french for about 7 or 8 years... Needless to stay, I still love the culture. I'm a big fan of the architecture of a city, that's what makes it unique before you meet the inhabitants. Old Montreal has some of the greatest and prettiest views in the world, according to myself. Justin is bummed that he can't bring his bike with him, since that's his way of sight-seeing. But we'll get lots of walking in instead and that alone will probably make me lose 50 pounds! Sself-proclaimed couch potato doesn't benefit here. And lastly, I don't care if we sleep in everyday, I will not be deprived of delicious lattes that are true to their french name. 

Ps. I didn't take any of these photos...just some light day-dreaming <3

Photo 1 HERE, Photo 2 HERE, Photo 3 HERE, Photo 4 HERE

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