Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What I Wore: Peach and Mint

Happy Tuesday! I know, it's really not that exciting of a day. It's not even hump day. The week is barely beginning! But that's ok, because wherever you are I'm sure it didn't snow like it did last night in Canada. So feel blessed. And if you are here, I feel your pain and we'll get through this together. It has already melted and the sun is sort of shining. This outfit is something I pulled together really quickly the other day. I love the skirt, but not so much a big fan of this combo. Oh well, I tried! My allergies are also beginning to go haywire, so hence the little coverage of my adorably sneezy face. This skirt was only $20 at a cute store called Harmony in downtown Guelph, and I plan to wear it as much as possible  for brunches with girls, and drinks on summer patios. Have a good day readers <3

top: Aeropostale (I think), skirt: Harmony, watch: eBay, bracelet: Aldo Accessories


  1. I love peach and mint together! your skirt is lovely!


  2. Very cute outfit! Color combo looks great!

  3. Peach and mint is so cute together, love your skirt ! <3
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