Saturday, 28 April 2012

Recipe: Cake Pops!

Friends - I have an incredibly exciting recipe post for you today! I don't know if you share a similiar philosophy to mine, but I have found through extensive research that anything 'mini' is immediately adorable and usually more delicious. Yes, it could be mind over matter. But without the concept of "mini being better," we wouldn't have things like Timbits, teacup pigs, tiny bananas, or purse-dogs. Alright, the world could probably do with a few less dogs in purses. They're so twitchy. Gross.
On the bright side, I tried my hand at Red Velvet cake pops and came out on top. I made them for a double-date movie night with my boyfriend and our best couple friends. I do feel as though I've failed, however, because the baking supplies stores I called were out of sticks. So these are cake...balls. Sans stick. If you were to put in the stick - just dip it in some melted chocolate and stick it in prior to dunking.
I originally got the recipe from A Beautiful Mess's blog!

Cake Pop Recipe:
- cooked cake (preferably from a box, no need for fancy prep when you're gonna mush it up)
- frosting of some kind (I used cream cheese for this one)
- chocolate for melting and/or decorating
- lollipop sticks

1. Break up your cake and add 1-2 cups of frosting, mixing together with your hands.
2. Form into balls and place on a plate to chill in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
3. Melt chocolate either in microwave or double-broiler, and dip your chilled balls of cake (with stick, if you're doing it correctly) and stick in something to help them cool upright such as a foam block.
4. Chill again to solidify chocolate.
5. Eat all the cake pops before your family comes home!

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