Saturday, 21 April 2012

What I Wore: Hanging Out

Hello friends. You've caught me amidst what I like to call my natural habitat. Also known as "chilling." It mostly involves something comfy, and very little effort. I do a lot of this "chilling" as I really have nothing else to do. And good gracious, it was hot yesterday. I wore this sweater because it was like, 5 degrees all morning and raining. But that's Ontario - raining than sunshine. And humidity. Hence the hair. I hope you've got fun things planned for your Saturday - I am shockingly STILL unpacking. And organizing. And throwing things out. As overwhelming and a pain in the ass as spring cleaning is, it's so refreshing and I feel instantly lighter as I drag a garbage bag of old clothes off to donate. Mostly because it leaves room for more clothes, teehee :)

sweater: Bluenotes Outlet, dress: Garage Clothing, watch: eBay

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  1. Hello Cara. I really like this look on you! And stop bragging about your hot weather! See my post from today to see what WE had yesterday.