Sunday, 15 April 2012

Serious Stripes Obsession.

Hello. My name is Cara and I feel as though I have something very important to get off my chest. I'm quite in love with stripes. So much so that it's getting weird, and my boyfriend is getting jealous. Well not really, but if you calculate the amount of time I spend wearing/trying on/buying stripes, it probably is just about equal to our relationship. My mother has to actively stop me, and remind me that I own at least one of every type of clothing in stripes. Email me if you're aware of any equivalent to AA for this. Long story short, it's an absolute classic pattern that never goes out of style, and can be worn all year long. These are some of the ones I'm currently pining over, sigh. If you're wondering how bad this obsession is, I already own a B&W dress like Red Velvet's, and already tried on the Joe Fresh ones the second they came out.

Red Velvet dress found here and purse found here, Joe Fresh dresses found here and here, and Urban Outfitters top and skirt found here and here.

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