Friday, 20 April 2012

New Toy! (+Rambling)

Guess who just got back from the dentist? Me. Guess who got a cavity filled? Me. And guess whose mouth is so frozen she looks like half of The Joker when she smiles? You guessed it. I do. It's fun to have your mouth frozen in a way but also not at all. For example, I am starving (they made me get up early, ugh) and can't eat until I can move my mouth, probably another hour. If you know me, this is nearly impossible. I already tried to suck back blended cake and donuts through a straw. Alright, that is a story I made up - but only because we don't have any cake or donuts in the house.

The point to this story is that you may not be seeing my creepy half-smiling for a bit and decided to show you my new and most prized possession - my new bike! I've been searching for one forever, and surprisingly haven't bought one even though my boyfriend works in the biggest bike shop in Ontario (probably). How sad is that?

Anyway, here are some shots! Just need the seat raised to suit my freakish spider long legs and it's good to go :) The vintage editing is of course because it's a vintage bike. I'm so Guelph. Thanks Neils for the awesome bike!

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